March 28, 2012

Such a cutie

Have you ever seen such a cutie? And yet so simple to make!

I was lucky to get this picture from someone else, who found it somewhere else, so I don't know where it came from - and I can't read the words printed on the picture.

Never mind, just share it with the rest of the world.

And knit one myself, of course.


B.R. said...

Hello Karien, I loved this pattern and had a similar one for making a cat (out of a book) I googled a bit with what I thought the writing on the pictures said and found her link:
Thanks for helping me find this, and thanks for your blog


Anonymous said...

Hi Karien,
Thanks for your blog and compliments for the nice things you make. I googled the words on the picture, as far as I could read/understand and I actually found the link :
There is some more nice things she has made. In Polish, but with google translate you'll get quite far ;)

Karien said...

Thanks Barbara, that is a really lovely Polish blog!