March 17, 2012

Make a design of your own

If you want to make a knitting design on a normal graph paper with squares, you will not see what you get when it is knitted, because knitted stitches are not square, they are rectangles.

I was happy to find a place on internet, Printable Paper, where you can download a knitting graph and print it.

If you want to design or draw on the computer, it might be useful to get some Excel tips: Select the sheet with Ctrl-A, then change the column width to 3, the height of the cells to 16, in order to get the right ratio. I don't know which name the functions of Excel have in English, but with the Help function you will be able to find out.

Change the percentage so that you see more cells/stitches at the screen.

Quite happy with my computer!

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