February 2, 2012


Just a few months ago, I started designing knitting patterns. They just popped into my head - some of them starting at the back and working to the front of my mind very slowly, some of them very quickly, making a long list of projects I wanted to knit, adjust and re-knit.

Every project I have been busy with, has to do with home decorating. Small hearts, knitted baskets, cute animals, and, last but not least, I found out how to knit a wreath! Wreaths with cables, wreaths knitted with two colors, star-shaped wreaths, heart-shaped wreaths, I begin to believe that the sky is really the limit! Happy knitting for me.

I really hope there are more people who would like to knit one of my patterns. On this blog I will publish - one by one - the pictures of the patterns I am going to sell. They will not cost much, I promise. But you will see these lovely decorations are worth a tiny little bit of money!

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