February 8, 2012

Short rows - a new solution for the gaps

Short rows are ideal to make round shapes in knitting: socks, but also animals. A common technique is to wrap the thread around the next stitch before turning the work. In the next row the stitch is knitted together with the wrapped loop. If you do this well, it looks fine. Just perfect in my opinion, but the problem is that I keep forgetting to knit the stitches together with the wraps, so I was happy to find a tutorial on a new solution for the short rows on Youtube - from Cat Bordhi. She calls it 'sweet tomatoe heels', because she knits socks you know.

This is how it works:
Knit the stitches according to the pattern, just turn the work. Slip the first stitch purlwise, and purl the stitches according to the pattern, turn again. Slip the first stitch purlwise, knit the stitches until you get to the slipped stitch. This stitch is going to be knitted together with the stitch right beneath. Just take them both on the left needle tip and knit them together (I use the abbreviation ktogu - knit the stitch together with the stitch under) - see picture.
In the next row you will come to the other slipped stitch. This time you come from the other side, which means that you will have to take the slipped stitch on the right needle for a while in order to be able to take the stitch beneath next to (or over) the slipped stitch on the needle. Just do that, and knit them together through the back loop. Keep in mind how a normal knitted stitch looks like, you will immediately notice if you were doing something different.

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