February 10, 2012

Provisional caston - crocheted

This is a caston to become excited about - because it is crocheted, you can easily remove it in order to be able to knit in the other direction on the stitches of the first row, or to make a row of stitches with a tapestry needle - called kitcheners stitch - which makes a perfect invisible seam between a knitted work and the first row after the caston. I love it, especially for decorative things like wreaths.

You will need a crochet hook and a bit of crocheting knowledge, not more than how to make a chain. Make one loop on the crochet hook, hold it next to your knitting needle, yarn at the back.

Make a chain stitch over the knitting needle. It may feel a bit comfortable, but that's the way it works:

Then again, yarn at the back of the knitting needle, make a stitch over the knitting needle:

repeating the movement until you have enough stitches on your knitting needle. Make a few loose chains (which will make it easy to remove the caston when necessary) and cut the thread, pull the loose end through the last chain.

Now you can start to knit with the main yarn in these stitches.

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