February 6, 2012

Magic loop knitting

Here I explain how to start knitting once you have a magic caston, but you can also start knitting on a crochet provisional caston, or whatever caston you like - as long as you mean to knit in the round.

Hold the needles in such a way that the right side is facing you. Draw out the lower needle, carefully of course, until you can make a loop with the flexible part of the needle on both sides. Hold the loose tail yarn with your hand, and knit with the main yarn, you'll see that the first knitted stitch holds the loose end on its place. Knit the first row.

Turn the work, so that it looks like the work shown. Now you arrange the circular needle in such a way, that you can knit the other row (or better: other half of the first row). Push in the upper needle, draw out the lower needle, until you have - again - two loops on each side. Before you go on, it looks like this:

Just knit the other side. Take care to tighten up the first knitted stitch - but you would also do that if knitting with dpn's so I don't have to tell you that, do I?

Do not try to be fast at first. Keep an eye on the way the yarn goes, especially when changing needles, you will soon find out what works best for you. At least that's my experience.

After three rows you have knitted a nice little 'bag':

Take some time to just go on - before going on to your next project - including increases, decreases and so on. In fact that's all knitting is about.

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