February 6, 2012

Let's do some magic - caston

If you take a closer look at knitting stitches, you will see that they consist of rows of loops, holding the next row of loops. You can also turn it upside down, it will look the same (unless more colors have been used). It would be great to have two such rows as a basis of a knitted thing that is meant to be closed at the bottom, wouldn't it? Well, that is possible, and it 's called magic caston. I don't know who was the first clever person who found out, but you can find several tutorials on the internet. I simply add mine, it may slightly differ from the other ones - just find out which one suits you best.

At the picture you see the first two rows, each on its own flexible piece of a circular needle. If you start knitting each row upward, in the round, you won't get a seam at all, just perfect. In order to get this, follow the following steps:

Take a long circular needle,  80 cm/34 inches at the least, and hold both needles in your left hand. Hang the yarn over the back needle, the tail end at the back, the main yarn between the needles. The tail must be long enough to make half the number of stitches you want to have.
Keep in mind that each of the threads - main and tail - makes stitches on its own needle: the tail yarn on the front needle, the main yarn on the back needle, holding each other between the needles.

Now take the tail yarn,

up it goes, between the needles, over the front needle from the back to the front, and down, where you hold it.

For the next stitch, on the back needle, take the main yarn, it goes to the back, under the needles, then up, over the back needle from the back to the front, and down between the two needles.

All next stitches are made by just repeating these two movements. One by one, back and front, tail and main yarn. After a while your needles look like this:

Two more pictures. At the next picture you see the right side of the just started knitting work: two nice rows of 'knitted' stitches:

At the back you will see that you have even created a wrong side!

Do you want to know how you can start knitting? Go to the blog post about magic loop knitting!

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