February 10, 2012

Kitcheners stitch

The kitcheners stitch is the perfect stitch in case you want to seam two rows together - in this case the first row (which you will find after removing the crochet provisional caston) and the last row of a small piece of knitted work. You can find many tutorials on the internet, but my site would not be complete if I did not try to make one myself. If it is not clear enough to you, take a look on the world-wide web.
In fact it is not very difficult, just keep in mind how knitted stitches look like, and make them yourself using a tapestry needle, up and down, just like the loops of knitwork.
Place the two rows to be sewn together. On the pictures the knitting needle is still in the last row, but you can also use a help thread (can be helpful when you must close a wreath).

'Open' the chain by picking up the loop at the back of the chain (see picture). Pull carefully until you come to the chain stitch that is in use.

Use a tapestry needle to pull the thread through the first stitch of your needle.

Finding the right place for the first stitch on the other side is the most difficult part... you will have to use the loose tail to form half a stitch, pull the needle through the next stitch, from purl side to knitted side, alongside the crochet-stitch.
Remove the crocheted stitch carefully.

Pull carefully until you have made the first stitch, then pull the needle through the first stitch at the bottom side again, making a whole stitch, and through the next stitch, to start the next stitch.

Up again, first finish the first stitch by pulling the needle downward through the first stitch, then take the next one, from purlside to knitted side, alongside the next crochet-stitch.

Just go on, and enjoy the result:

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